My dog Chester and I have known Dr Fryburg for 7 years. At that time, I was searching for someone to do acupuncture on him after a shoulder injury.  I am a person that seeks out holistic modalities for myself and want the same for Chester and all of my animals.

A Friend suggested that Chester and I meet with Dr. Fryburg, I wanted to be sure that she and Chester would have the proper rapport needed for this type of therapy.  IT WAS AN IMMEDIATE CONNECTION! 

Not only did  Chester willingly allow Dr. Fryburg to do the acupuncture therapy each and every time, he still runs to her whenever he sees her whether it be for acupuncture a wellness visit or just out and about.

I cannot recommend Dr. Fryburg highly enough!  Not only is she phenomenal with her pet patients, she is warm, caring, attentive and a willing listener with the humans caring for them. 

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