Imagine your dog finding relief and healing through a soothing session of acupuncture. This holistic approach involves strategically placing delicate needles at specific points on your furry companion’s body, promoting natural balance and well-being. From easing joint discomfort to addressing behavioral concerns, canine acupuncture embraces your dog’s health with a gentle touch and a dash of ancient wisdom.

Transformational Coaching

Do you find yourself in the same predicament over and over? Perhaps it’s the same argument you’re having with your spouse or child, the unhealthy behaviors that wreak havoc on your health, hating your job, or jeopardizing your finances through unnecessary spending.

I help people release old programs that repeatedly have them doing the same thing over and over, getting the same results. 

This method, time and time again, has shown me how to let go of unwanted patterns that have imprisoned me most of my life. I’ve tried many different modalities, all of which have been beneficial, but this one in particular has empowered me, providing me with the tools to shift my reality day to day, moment by moment.

If you’re not satisfied with what you’re currently creating in life, this can help remove blockages that stand in your way of knowing true freedom.

Please contact me if you’d like to book a discovery call.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Dr. Fryburg is passionate about holistic living, emphasizing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. She extends this philosophy to sessions with pet parents and patients, discussing nutrition, lifestyle changes, and the profound impact of what we consume on overall health. While Dr. Fryburg does not formulate homemade diets, she can provide you with recommendations on commercially prepared diets. The “WholePet” approach considers both pet and parent, acknowledging the strong bond and shared stress. This comprehensive outlook aims to support pets on their healing journey.

Energy Medicine

Includes Qigong, healing sounds, and healing colors. While our animals can’t be taught Qigong, per se, they certainly can benefit from their pet parents participation. Qigong is an ancient Chinese gentle art form comprised of different standing positions and movements that can help reduce stress, calm the nervous system, and remove blockages that impede health. Dr. Fryburg is a soon to be certified Holden Qigong instructor offering lessons to pet parents and the general public. She can also bring Qigong healing sounds and healing colors into your pet’s acupuncture session which can offer further support.


Aromatherapy involves the use of natural plant extracts to support an individual, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Dr. Fryburg can offer suggestions regarding essential oils that may help support you and your animal’s overall well-being. She can also educate you on the best ways to use these oils, which ones to avoid, and which ones will best support the current condition.


Dr. Fryburg can provide support and guidance for you and your pet through telemedicine consultations. During her time with you she may offer suggestions regarding nutrition/supplementation, lifestyle, environment, and modalities that could help benefit your pet.  This can also be of service for existing clients who have questions that come up in between appointments. 

Disclaimer:  Medical information and support offered during a Telemedicine consultation isn’t intended to diagnose or treat. It is not a replacement for a veterinarian-client/patient relationship that is established in person with your regular veterinarian. Each patient’s situation is unique. Dr. Fryburg will take into account any past medical history and records when making her recommendations.

Please Note: the consultation fee does not include Dr. Fryburg’s review of past medical records. There may be an additional fee, depending upon the depth of history provided by pet parents prior to the consultation. 


Tuina can be viewed as a combination of acupressure, massage, and chiropractic techniques. This manual therapy can aid in immune support, pain relief, improve circulation, and provide an overall sense of balance in the body. It can be used in conjunction with acupuncture, as well as at home in between sessions once your veterinarian has shown you the techniques to practice. This is a very safe practice with no known side effects.