About Dr. Fryburg

Dr. Kendra Fryburg’s lifelong affinity for nature and animals led her to a veterinary career. After obtaining her degree in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky in 1999 and graduating from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003, she practiced in Tennessee before moving to Colorado in 2006. With 20 years in conventional practice, Dr. Fryburg’s curiosity about alternative approaches sparked her journey into holistic care, becoming certified in TCVM acupuncture in 2015. Her personal experiences, including her Australian Shepherd Shelby’s aging process, drove her to embrace integrative therapies and prioritize overall well-being. Dr. Fryburg values educating clients about traditional and non-traditional health options, while also offering Qigong to pet parents for a balanced approach. Her dedication to learning extends to her leisure, with meditation, Qigong, yoga, nature walks, music, and salsa dancing. Constantly expanding her toolkit, she aims to incorporate Cold Laser Therapy and Reiki for Animals.

What my clients say...

Haley & Kyle K

My husband and I were new to the area and we learned that our dog had a tumor that needed to be operated on quickly. Dr Fryburg identified the issue, connected us with great surgical and chemotherapy teams and guided us with her deep understanding, breadth of knowledge and true care. We appreciate her holistic approach that leans towards a natural solution, but not at the expense of care. We trust her completely and would recommend her to anyone

Maureen S

My dog Chester and I have known Dr Fryburg for 7 years. At that time, I was searching for someone to do acupuncture on him after a shoulder injury.  I am a person that seeks out holistic modalities for myself and want the same for Chester and all of my animals.

A Friend suggested that Chester and I meet with Dr. Fryburg, I wanted to be sure that she and Chester would have the proper rapport needed for this type of therapy.  IT WAS AN IMMEDIATE CONNECTION! 

Not only did  Chester willingly allow Dr. Fryburg to do the acupuncture therapy each and every time, he still runs to her whenever he sees her whether it be for acupuncture a wellness visit or just out and about.

I cannot recommend Dr. Fryburg highly enough!  Not only is she phenomenal with her pet patients, she is warm, caring, attentive and a willing listener with the humans caring for them. 

Caroline S

My cat is the center of our world, so his care and well-being are of utmost importance to us. He has never fared well traveling and attending vet visits. Ever since we met Dr. Fryburg, his comfort and tolerance have vastly improved. She attends to him with such compassion and gentleness. I have enormous faith in her veterinary knowledge, but even more so, I have been grateful for her attentiveness to his overall well-being. She knows his personality. She pays attention to his reactions to treatments and responds with deep care. She helped my cat and me to face a trying health issue over several months and years for which I am endlessly grateful. By far, she has been the most trustworthy, supportive, and knowledgeable vet, we’ve ever consulted. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

J. R.

There are MANY vets in the area, but very few like Kendra. Kendra is absolutely wonderful—not only with animals, but also with people. She combines her traditional veterinary education and skill with her knowledge and training in more holistic approaches, all culminating in incomparable comprehensive care. Her integrity, genuine care and bedside manner are all notable and assure you that you and your pet(s) are in the best of hands. Highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed.

Mandy S.

Dr. Fryburg is an exceptional veterinarian who has truly been a lifesaver for multiple dogs in my family.  Her compassion, expertise and dedication have all been a huge reason we’ve followed her over the years.

From the moment we met Kendra, we were greeted with warmth and genuine care.  She has always taken the time to listen attentively and provide detailed explanations.  Her ability to communicate complex medical information in a way that is easy to comprehend is truly remarkable.

What truly sets her apart is her genuine love and compassion for animals; her relentless pursuit of finding the best balance between holistic medicine and traditional medicine in her practice; and her sincere desire to support the best in quality of life for our furry friends.  I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care she’s provided our family over the years.

Monica P.

Kendra is a dedicated and compassionate practitioner with a love and deep care for animals (and their humans alike). She works in a kind and thoughtful way, taking into account the wholistic health of my 2 pups and offering multiple recommendations for them to be the healthiest they can be. She believes total health is made of building blocks that she works with you to understand and implement at your own pace. Her long term and short term holistic approaches have not only worked but also avoided costly and unnecessary interventions. She is extremely knowledgeable and always has a wealth of information to share on any topic we cover  We are so lucky to be part of her practice and get her expert advice, we highly recommend her to all fur parents!!