Winter Blues

This time of year I find myself wanting to go inward and hibernate, gravitating toward warm nourishing foods, nesting, reflecting, and relishing the solitude. Fortunately, I take comfort in the cold snowy days, but do find that if the gray gloomy skies stick around for too long I become a bit melancholy.  Many people find […]

What should I feed my pet?

In my last blog, “Basic Tips for Creating a Healthier Life for You and Your Pet”,  I briefly touched upon the importance of food in creating and maintaining health and vitality in your beloved pet. This topic, of what to feed your pet, is quite a controversial one. Nutrition isn’t something that is taught much […]

Conscious Living

As I sit here in silence alone, I watch the sun slip slowly behind my glorious view of the mountains. Another day almost over. Where has it gone? I remember as a child how time seemed to drag on and how badly I wanted to “grow up”. Funny how that is – I didn’t realize […]

Basic Tips For Creating a Healthier Life for You and Your Pet

We are constantly inundated with toxic insults whether that’s through the food we eat, water we drink, environment, or negative thoughts and stressful emotions such as anxiety, worry, fear, or anger. This also applies to our pets. While they may not have the ability to think and reason as we humans do, they most certainly […]